What Makes Alzburg Resort Special?

The resort of today actually started centuries ago as a place to handle the religious sisters or nuns. It took years to establish this place into a world famous resort. Alzburg resort surrounds a convent that dates back to the time of its settlement. Today it is transformed into an amazing resort with all the state of the art facilities. Besides the friendly local population always ready to welcome the visitors outside the resort, there is so much inside the resort. Built according to the most modern standards, filled with world class amenities, it has unmatched comfort and ease for the visitors. As per the international standards the group accommodation is ranked between 4 and 4.5 stars. For the visitors of style this place has so much to offer through its 44 rooms, spa rooms, luxury apartments and the Studio apartments. With such a space and amenities it becomes possible for the accommodation owners to adjust a total of 220 guests in one time.

The location of the resort is a treat itself. Resting in the heart of the Mansfield it can be approached easily. At the same time it is even easier to get all that you need from the shops around. If you are in the resort to enjoy the different activities then you can comfortably reach out for the snow-capped skiing resort, Golf Course, Lake Eildon. Zoo and a beautiful racecourse.

Within the resort you can easily get the fun things as well. It has an amazing swimming pool that is heated with the solar heating system. Games room, tennis courts, sauna and a guest laundry are equally great source of entertainment and relaxation. The space is added with all the recent amenities that make the things look really well. Stay connected with the world through free Wi-Fi, have a safe parking area for your vehicle within the area and enjoy the mouth-watering barbecue delights during your stay. Even if you are joining in along with a large group of people don’t worry.

Those who love the winter sports call it a winter heaven. There are amazing activities for them even when it is snowing hard. Take the ski and the snowboard along or hire from the onsite shops and enjoy sliding down and moving on the snow. Once you enter resort you can get the passes for these areas. Traveling to the skiing point is not very complex either. Coach transfers are there to take you safely to the ski resort. The visitors love to sip the tastiest coffee in the coldest winters. The coffee shop is open round the clock to warm up your blood. At the same time a great gift shop is located on the resort so that the visitors can buy souvenirs and gifts for the loved ones back home.

Alzburg is a great place for people of all ages provided that you are ready prior to the visit.