Steps For A Perfect Campfire

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Camping is the greatest way for enjoying holidays. Adventure lovers are always keen for camping. It takes us close to nature more than anything else. As we no longer stay in a place where all the facilities are available, there are many things which must be carried properly in order to enjoy a safer and problem free camp life.

One of the most important things of camp life is campfire. It is one of the basic necessities of camp life. Campfire helps to ward off animals and insects. It provides warmth in chilly nights. The light helps to keep watch at the surrounding to some extent. In a holiday accommodation you can get all essentials for enjoying a campfire. Also, building and maintaining the campfire is very important. It’s very important to make the camp fire properly to avoid any fire related accident. In this article, we are going to give you some tips o how to make the perfect campfire.

Gathering materials is very important:

When you go on camping, there are a few things which are must needed. These must be carried all along. Tinder is one of the basic necessities of campfire. It can be easily carried. There are some options which allow carrying them in bags. Dryer sheets and cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly can be carried easily and are good as tinder. Tinder can be found in nature also. Small twigs and dried leaves are almost always available in the lap of nature. These items help to start the fire. But if you are going out on chilly weather or wet weather, it is better to carry some tinder with you so that you can use them if it becomes difficult to find dry tinder.

Fire starter:

Going on a camp does not necessarily mean you are going to an ancient kind of life. Depending on natural fire starting materials can put you at risk of difficulties. Carry some fire starter with you to avoid any difficulty in a pet friendly.

Choose and clean the spot:

Choose a spot which is not too close to trees and dried elements. Clear the place properly. There should be no debris which will make your fire die early. Make sure there are no dry leaves around. Dry leaves and twigs can easily catch fire and create some problem.

Feed the fire:

The tinder and woods will be burnt with time. It is necessary to add wood to the fire so that it does not die away.

Douse the fire properly:

Never leave the camp fire burning how small it may be. Start a little earlier with a bucket of water. It must be there all the time. Leave the place only when the fire is completely dead.